Automatic & Multidimensional Statistical Information

For the strategic decisions regarding supply chain and marketing management with constant & real time updates

Automatic forecast of the optimum order

Based on the specific needs of the cooperating parties or products, ensuring the most accurate forecast

Perfect balance between Service-Stock levels & Shelf availability

Increase the service level by decreasing the stock, ensuring constant shelf availability


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The Collaborative Supply Chain Management solutions by Retail-Link, undertake the effective refill of the Central Warehouses and the forecast of the optimum order that perfectly meets the balance between the Service Level and the Stock Level), therefore reducing returns to the minimum, Reverse Logistics & the required working capital.



Electronic data Exchange

Without manual data entry, therefore increasing the accuracy and the service level

Automation of recurring procedures

To decrease the Workflows to all the participating parties

Sychronization pf products

For direct data exchange among different information systems